Thursday, January 26, 2012

Week 1-Goals and Plan

Ok guys I have a job for you...yes you but you wont get paid you will get be the amazing friends I know you are.   So if you know my goals for the year then you have read this post, if not go read it. (sorry it is a long post) So as of January 27,2012-February 2,12 this will be my plan. Your part will come later please stay tuned.

This week I will:
Finish the kitchen spring cleaning
Finish the Master bathroom spring cleaning
Read 2 Chapters in the BOM (I know low but I have to start somewhere)
Work out 30 minutes EVERYDAY! (yes Sunday I have to do it everyday or else I will never do it)
Study for 30 minutes each day of school
Create My Journal Blog
Surprise my Hubby with something special (I don't know what yet but I shall)
Scrapbook our photos from this year thus far.

Your Job!! Check back everyday or on the second and make sure I have done them! Comment me with inspiration and thoughts. I am determined to stop dwelling on things I cannot change and start to focus on me. I just need a little push here and there.

Thank guys!!! Let the fun begin!

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