Thursday, February 23, 2012


Why yes it has been like more than a month since I posted and swore I would post each week. But I a good reason why and I will get to that soon. As for now we are in February and school is in full force and I am catching up on a horrible January. The year did start on a high note of staying at the JW Starr Pass Resort (look here) a great week! I really miss it! It was so much fun but that was our Christmas present to ourselves. Everything was great in life and we were just going about. Until my grandfather passed away. I am ok now but it was a hard week. We took off on the Sunday after and headed to SLC. We left at 4 am and made it to Draper at 7 pm which wasnt to bad but still that is a lot of time in a car i mean 15 hours is just way way too much! So the next morning at 8:00 we headed to see family and get thing done that needed to be. We met up with the family and got grandma joyce ready. Then headed to the viewing now this was the first time in history all eleven (yes i did say eleven) of my cousins were together at one time. My oldest brother Timmy hadn't met half of them and well it was just interesting. My grandma hadn't recognized me it took her two seconds to figure out who I was and it broke my heart. We are just so far away and she can't travel can't hear and well it was tough. Anyway after that we had family photos and ditched to see two friends since we would never see them I mean come on SLC is way far away. Then in a snow storm drove 6 hrs back to Hurricane. Then headed home the next 10 hrs were the worse but we were excited to get home. We then thought ok next paycheck will pay for bills and our trip so we should be ok if we don't spend a dime until then (which was the next monday) well two days past and I was doing some homework online the computer died. I mean literally died it was charged and would turn on if I held it a certain way but it has yet to do it. (thus my reason for not blogging) So now we just spent over our budget to get us to a funeral and now have to buy a new computer. Life as we new it ended. So without a computer our house was all deep cleaned and working. Then the weekend of my birthday and valentines day came. Ben had taken 5 days off plus his 2 weekends thus we had 9 days of nothingness no work some school and no where to go no money to spend and enough food to be ok with. So we slept...a lot! it really was nice i mean a trip would have been great too but just time as us doing nothing but spending time together was much needed. and no valentines. We had dinner and watched movies which was great! We finally got our tax return back and got out of debt bought a computer and was even able to have a little fun with it! Hello xBox...yes i got my hubby one. I thought he deserved it he bought me pedals on a stand (i know weird basically I can ride a bike anywhere while watching TV folding clothes...or just sitting I have wanted it for awhile but never got it!) It was a good. Now back to reality.

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