Sunday, January 15, 2012


I know I keep saying I am going to do better at blogging then life gets in the way and I say screw blogging I have other things to do! Let see we left off with catching up and that is where we start now. I hosted Thanksgiving for anyone who wanted to join in. It was a great success I spent two full days baking and cooking  
The turkey and cupcakes didn't make the picture but they were amazing!!! It was so much fun for us.

We decided that for our Grandma's for Christmas we would make a book of our first year in Douglas so here are a few pictures:

The Country Fair

Diamondbacks Game


Some of the cool little shops in Bisbee

An average morning in the Last household


Hiking at the River

Abby waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve

Christmas Photo yeah for me and my camera we did good

This is the cover of the book we made for the gma's and Bens sweet bike!

Our Christmas Tree

So one day I was sitting home and my husband had somehow left the house without me knowing and I saw the bike was gone so I knew something was up. Next thing I know I hear the bike and he comes running in saying "wife wife wife" I of course answer "husband husband husband" he said get in the car now confused I do so and he drives to walmart. I was confused and kept asking him he said close your eyes and hold this (hands me a paper) I did and he took me inside ((I can only imagine what people were thinking but since I couldn't see I can't tell ya)) He said when I say open your eyes read the paper and then look around so I wait and wait and wait then I hear open very far away open. So I do and read:
I know Christmas isn't the same without a Christmas tree so pick whatever you want Santa said I could spoil you with one thing before hand so he didn't have to carry it all. 
Love Husband

I almost cried because I wanted a tree but didn't push it since we weren't going to do gifts but take a trip so knowing my husband has a thing for colored lights I picked the tree and headed to the cashier who said it was all paid for and handed me change. When I got to the truck I was so happy it was kinda insane. 

Now decorating it was a totally different thing. After working at Tai Pan I had so many ideas but I wanted it simply and fun. So Whit Spendlove gave me an idea with photos. We decided to make it a tradition and took about 20 of the photos from the year and used them as the ornaments for what we call the memory tree it was so fun!

Now for New Years Resolutions:

This last year was full of so many ups and maybe twice as many downs. I am so grateful to be on this adventure with Ben. But considering all the changes that happened this last year I need to make goals to help me, our life here, and to focus on the future. Thus my goals:

1. Start a Journal Blog. I fail at blogging but because of all the downs I have kept many of my emotions inside of me don't get me wrong I have come through it a lot better than I expected but I plan to make this blog completely private until I am ready to share all my secrets and deepest feelings with the world. Ben thinks its a great idea because I like to be strong for everyone else and don't necessarily open up unless there is a true reason too. So we think this will help me emotionally with the changes. NO WORRIES! I will still blog here just keep a watch out. And I may only open it up to specific people until I am ready.

2. Paint all the rooms in the house. So we were going room by room and trying to finish but it seemed to keep stopping so now we plan to have all the rooms painted and then organized and then make it fun! I am very excited to have a project plan!

3. Excel in school. I started Spanish this semester and LOVE it! Except the 7:45 am class schedule but I am glad to be doing something for myself. I hope to maybe get a part time job but since we really don't need it we will see. 

4. Workout. Not so much loose weight but if I do then great. But to feel good about doing something other than just hanging out. Since I don't work and don't have kids, and have school so early I really only play with the dogs and hang out with friends but no actual working out thus I am.

5. Grow Spiritually. I m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) but I really couldn't tell you a whole lot about it. I know the word of wisdom, commandments, plan of salvation, and some stories. But I never really learned about the church and I plan to this year.

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