Monday, October 27, 2014

What a Week

Seriously what a week it has been.

So we had our first official class to get certified by the state for Foster Care. Luckily we camed s prepared that it was a breeze. But with that said we had to sign a Media paper that states we cannot post everything that happens or information pertaining to each child coming into our home. Stuff like names, situations, information specifically about the children. However I can keep you updated on things. For example. The meeting went great. Really it was very informative and we were able to really see what we are getting ourselves in to. We met with the head lady who is awesome by the way. Ben ended up needing to translate for a sweet little lady and our worker got very excited saying that she is in dire need of a bilingual family I told her I don't speak but will learn more she said that is fine the kids just feel safe if someone speaks Spanish. Also the fact we have no kids currently puts us to the top of the list for kids that need some extra one on one time. We are very excited. Other than that we don't have much news. Unless you have talked to our parents then you are updated on extras.

So lets talk about this week.

Monday-Ben had off so we did projects. Ben worked on his garage and I finished transferring the Spare bedroom to the dogs room. Now they share and Kona is not sure she likes a bed being in her big room.

Tuesday-We met up with a friend in Nogales to see some missionaries that are about to head home and served in Douglas. Then we drove to Sierra Vista for our class, however we were early so we stopped at Lowes and got stuff to up do my front porch. And a stuff for other projects.

Wednesday-I started to gut out my kitchen, (I have started to go room by room and prepare each room and make sure it is completely foster care ready) I ended up rearranging our whole kitchen. I threw out so much stuff its not even funny.

Thursday-kept gutting out my kitchen, it was Appliance day.

Friday- Impromptu run to Sierra Vista (ask our parents) that night we decided to go on a date to celebrate and right before we got to the mustang I saw a snake and told ben to go back to the house. So we found a 2 foot rattle snake and it had just eaten. We ended up killing it. But it was a scary night.

Saturday-probably the second craziest day. So I had a 'interview' with Bishop at 930. Then the Missionaries came at 10:30 (they needed Ben's advice), then the Handyman finished his project. Then we took a small 30 minutes nap. I then got up got ben ready for work, went to a birthday party, and finished my kitchen. I just have to clean the floors and windows.

Sunday- So this day ended up being the craziest. Ha ha I know I keep saying that! I ended up to church early because Ben has bishopric meetings and was coming home to go to bed when they were over which was right before church started and I needed it for class and still needed to download the video. So I headed down to swap at church. Then we had our primary program which was awesome I cried my little eyes out. Mainly because I kept looking at our previous Bishop a sweet old man who was crying and then I started crying and man oh man! Then we went about church. After I got home I was able to take a 30 minute nap before Ben needed to get up for work. In the moment of getting Ben ready I realized we had no food, literally no food. I had thrown so much out I couldn't make anything so I ran to BK and got him a burger then back home to send him to work. Then back to the grocery store. After I got home and put the groceries away I unloaded the dishwasher and started to clean the second room. I finally sat down and then my friend called she was having a horrible time breathing and she needed to go to the E.R. and asked if I could watch her kids. So I got up and drove over. When I got there she found out her husband wouldn't be able to get there for about 20 minutes and had called our friend Clemens to come over and watch the kids while I drove her to Bisbee (30 minutes away) to get help. We made it there by 9:00 and we didn't end up back home until about 12:30 am. It was a long night but she finally was able to breathe. I got home just before Ben.

It has been a long emotional week. And I am ready for this week. Just 7 more days and we are headed home! I am excited for a mini vacation and to see family.

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