Thursday, October 16, 2014


Well we are still doing foster care. Its just going slower than possible. I had planned on having my whole house in compliance with the Home study. But we have hit one road block after another. Here is where we are at. So we have to have all of the cleaning supplies, poisons, really anything that says keep out of reach of children...well of out the reach of children in a LOCKED cabinet. so we have been building cabinets or so is the plan. We are going room by room to clean and organize and make it comply. So the plan was, finish the garage, create storage in the laundry room (build a cabinet, and shelves for the cleaning supplies), then create a poison cabinet with a key locked door. After we were going to clean the dogs room up and make it a spare bed/dog room. Then organize the kitchen, clean bens room up (lock up ammo, guns, etc), clean and organize masters. Then finally the kids room and then outside.

Easy enough right?!

So we thought as well. So this year monsoon season lasted forever. Mainly because of the Hurricane so we got a month on rain every day. Then 3 straight days of rain. I had a glimpse of what Noah felt like it just rained. No stopping...just rain. So parts of our new refinished roof started to leak. We expected it to do some because well a roof can take monsoon because there are breaks, but 3 straight days no end in sight means it will seep in. And so it did.

So last week when I started to sand part of my laundry room to paint, and then to hang the cabinet I noticed it was damp. So I called my Handy Man and he came right over and tore out a chunk in my ceiling and found a small leak from the roof. He promptly fixed it but now we have to refinish the part of the house. So My list got longer, and out of order. We should be done...all but the yard. it should be done.

I did however (in waiting) clean out the now spare bed room. I need to clean the carpets and move the essentials into that room so I can keep on track. It just gets annoying when things happen. I feel defeated. We decided that we can only accept one child right now and it kind of bummed us out. We just cant afford to be a family of 5 in the middle of the night, and my sanity might get lost. So we are going to do one with the option of two plus if they are a family. So tomorrow its errand day and hopefully maybe finish cleaning day so I can move onto the next room.

Night all!

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