Thursday, November 20, 2014

It is time again

I am so sorry for not keeping everyone updated! So many things have happened in the last couple of weeks and I am not able to share them at this time. At least not until things get going or things get finished.

We missed a class to go to Vegas to our friends wedding, and drove to Draper to catch the quarter final game! Then we headed to So Utah to catch up with family for two days before driving back to Vegas to jump on a plan and head back here. But we were heading back to exciting things coming our way. (For more info talk to our families)

So with that we missed class 2 and 3. But last week we got to class 4. It was a difficult class. They had us do an imaginary walk. We closed our eyes and imagined our spouse, our animals and our house (and kids if we had any). Then we were to imagine someone coming to our door and telling us there is another family excited to have us as a mom or dad. Then imagine saying you only have ten minutes to pack a small carry on bag with items you will need. Now as you are in the vehicle I inform you that you will not be able to speak to your family or see them until the time in intended. Now imagine a year has passed and I return to inform you that you are going home. You are going back to your family and your home. How do you feel??

This was to show us what kids feel. It was extremely hard.  I cannot imagine it being real. And nor do I want to but it helped us understand how these kids will feel. We can't wait for our next class. Tuesdays are long but I feel so much better when they are done. I want them to be finished so we can move on and get licensed it is making a lot of things hard but we will keep going. To many things depend on it.

Here is the updated list
* Fire Extinguisher
* Slip Resistant Mat for Tub
* 4 Carbon Monoxide Detectors
* Trigger Locks
* Ammo Safe

House Hold To Do
* Check Smoke Detectors
* Emergency Evacuation Plan
* Draw the Emergency Evacuation Place
* Change Water Filters
* Change Hot Water Temp
* Unload guns
* Lock up Ammo
* Redo Address Sign
* Clean Up Front Patio
* Move all Flammable Items
* Build a Cabinet with lock for poison items
* Safeguard Flammable Items
* Safeguard all "Keep out of reach of children" items
* Lock up Medications
* Clean up Yard
* New Gravel for bare spots
* Dog Run
* Organize rooms
* Spray for Bugs
* Organize the entire house
* Deep clean House
* House Repairs
* Create a more Flexible Cleaning schedule

Kid Room or Items needed For Kids
* Build toddler bed
* pack n play
* crib
* Build Closet organization system
* Bedding Toddler (2 Boys)
Booster Seat
* Diaper Bag..
* Blankets
* Mini Suitcases or Duffle Bags
* Rubbermaid Tubs with Lids
* Any clothes possible!

We are so close to being done!!! Hopefully in the next two weeks we can have over half of what is left finished.

Until then....

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