Thursday, October 2, 2014

THEE list

Right now I am feeling extremely overwhelmed in a very happy way still overwhelmed. The reason I am so overwhelmed is the thought that we could literally go from us and two dogs to a family of 5 people and 2 dogs. And not just over night, in a single phone call we are a family. We could end up with 3 newborns or 3 toddlers. or 3 kids of all ages in between. It is nerve racking! Plus that fact we have to buy everything for the kids in between the ages we have requested. So 2-3 toddler beds at least 1-2 cribs a car seat for each stage so all three. Let alone diapers, diaper bag, bedding, some toys. It is crazy just to think about. So I came up with a list. It is a list of the things we have to do for the house before the kids can even be placed in our home which is part of the home study, and some things are the things we need in order to be prepared for kids.


* Fire Extinguisher
* Slip Resistant Mat for Tub
* 4 Carbon Monoxide Detectors
* Trigger Locks
* Ammo Safe

House Hold To Do
* Check Smoke Detectors
* Emergency Evacuation Plan
* Draw the Emergency Evacuation Place
* Change Water Filters
* Change Hot Water Temp
* Unload guns
* Lock up Ammo
* Redo Address Sign
* Clean Up Front Patio
* Move all Flammable Items
* Build a Cabinet with lock for poison items
* Safeguard Flammable Items
* Safeguard all "Keep out of reach of children" items
* Lock up Medications
* Clean up Yard
* New Gravel for bare spots
* Dog Run
* Organize rooms
* Spray for Bugs
* Organize the entire house
* Deep clean House
* House Repairs
* Create a more Flexible Cleaning schedule

Kid Room or Items needed For Kids
* Build toddler bed
* pack n play
* crib
* Build Closet organization system
* Bedding Toddler (2 Boys)
* Booster Seat
* Diaper Bag..
* Blankets
* Mini Suitcases or Duffle Bags
* Rubbermaid Tubs with Lids
* Any clothes possible!
* Blanket for a Welcome it our home item.

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