Saturday, February 1, 2014

January 2014

Well HELLO there!

Look I am alive! So I decided I fail at blogging. Literally I fail! But I love the feeling it gives me to put my feelings out in the world. So I decided to simply write a post with all the happenings of life in one post a month and hopefully with photos. (Husband hates photos so I tend not to make him take them) 

Well January....start of a new year, suppose to be a fun goal setting lets do amazing things this year type of thing. Yeah not for us. The start of 2014 was not the most fun we have had. Although I can't lie January's are never really good in our family. Normally we have a grandparent die, or huge issues in the house, or with school come up. So yeah kind of use to January's being a pit of horribleness. 

So the first Thursday of the year I went in for a D&C. I promise the D&C was more scary than anything that was happening. I have a blood disorder...yeah my brain tends to swell more than normal, and my blood takes longer than normal to clot. Thus it tends to scare me. But I was grateful to have everything over. I was even excited to finally eat food. 

The first Friday my mother and Ken came down to help out. It was nice to have her around! It is nice to have that comfort of home when your husband has to work. 

Then the first Sunday I ended up in the ER....let me tell you that was horrible pain. But I survived! By the end of the day I was up and moving, and by moving I mean it took me 15 minutes to walk from my bed to the bathroom and Ben basically had to carry me...but I was moving. 

From then on it was keep it slow and easy. But it got old after week one. However I had to (marrying a Doctors son and having to follow Doctors orders aren't very fun because he makes you) and so I did. I couldn't lift, push, or pull anything more than 25 lbs. I could only walk to my mail box. I got stir crazy!!

So we had a three day weekend for MLK day and Ben called the doc and we got the go ahead to drive 6 hrs to Artesia as long as I stopped and moved every 2 hrs. So we made the trek to see Ricky at the FLETC academy. It was so nice to see Ben and Ricky together again!! I can't wait for them to move here! Then late that night Matt came down since his friend was there as well. It was a fun time. Although being the only girl with 4 men was interesting. I can't say it is new to me because most of our friends are Ben's, and single so a bunch of guys....yeah you learn guy lingo fast. But it was fun.

On the 28th I saw the Doctor again. Finally some good news. I was on the right healing path. I am doing great! I have to wait two "cycles" until we can start said treatments. Here is what is going to happen. I will have a doctor advised pregnancy. It sounds odd, but basically my body is possibly missing a hormone, my body doesn't naturally produce it. So thus I will be going to the doctor a lot. We have all (Ben me and the Doc) that as soon as I have the go ahead to get pregnant we will try. And when we get the go ahead it means a lot of blood work and hormone testing and needles. But until then I have to get in above and beyond healthyness. My body will need to be able to withhold a baby and me and all the tests and hormones. 

So that starts the next part. Healthy Living in the Last household! Since we basically always eat out or just eat frozen meals...or cereal! We decided to start actually making food. And it has been fun...and a little overwhelming but over fun and I feel a lot better. I am down 10 pounds (pre-pregnancy) but that isn't what really matters. I am just grateful to being doing things.

January was rough but I am excited for February! 24 baby here I come!

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