Saturday, September 20, 2014

ha ha hello world!

I had planned on blogger at least once a month. But months go by and I keep forgetting. So lets see I left you guys in January

Nothing super exciting happened in February other than I turned 24. Ben made me a reading bench for my little garden so I can have a place outside. I pretty much just hung out with little man and Ben. If it wasn't for them my black hole would have gotten much bigger. But I had things to do and February was mainly made of keeping me busy.

March is always exciting in this home. Spring Break is upon us and Ben's family comes down. We hit up two spring training games in Phoenix and then headed to Tucson where I took my mother in law for some pampering and fancy dinner. We also hit up the Biosphere (it really was super cool).

April is always one of my favorite months it is our anniversary month and Ben has a birthday. So this year we celebrated 5 years married and 5.5 years together. We went back for a honeymoon to San Diego we hit up Sea World, the Zoo and San Diego Safari. By far the Safari and Sea world were the best. The Zoo was fun but it was so packed and crazy.

May was my last month watching little man so I did my best to make the best of it. Other than that not much went on just stayed busy. Ben and I got new callings. I was called to Faith in God and Primary teacher. Ben became apart of the bishopric as Executive Secretary. Also Rick and Jess finally made the move down! We are pretty stoked to have our friends from back home down here.

June I made a trip home to see my cousins for my grandmas surprise birthday party. It was so much fun to see my family. I got to meet my niece Berkley and see my friend who got home from her mission. It was a great trip but I was so excited to come home to my husband.

July was a rough month for me. I had put so many emotions on the back burner and while searching for a job it started to sink in that I was leaving my husband and all the emotions that I put away came back. So July was a me month I worked on figuring things out for me. Then Ben and I made a decision you will read about it later.

August. I was finally feeling better and ready to get back into life. So I started to eat better and go walking with friends. It was a really good month. Jessica doesn't have a car during the day so we tend to hang out all day ha ha!

Now to this month..... look for the next post :)

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