Saturday, August 10, 2013

vacations!!! yes plural....

Things have been crazy around here!! Let me start off with vacation number one....

1. Camping on June 25th we went camping with Matt and Amanda! We love these two to death! camping is something we have been dying to do since we have been here although we didn't have many friends who thought camping sounded like much fun. But it was great! We rented kayaks and played in the lake all day! Had great food and even better company. On our last day things went a little south. We got the call that changed everything....

2. So vacation number 2 this call is what created vacation number two. Ben's grandfather, or step grandfather (either or) passed away. It was a bitter sweet thing because well he had been suffering from alzheimer's for that past few years and seeing him in pain was hard to do. So after the call we packed up and headed home (we were heading home anyway that day) so  the next night Ben went to work and when he got home we started the drive home. We made it up Friday night at 8:00 and had durangos with our cousins Whit and Sam. After we headed to the Last's so we could meet baby Rosie. Who is absolutely adorable! Bryan and Sara did a pretty dang good job! Rosie is a very special baby who is suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. I have to say Bryan and Sara are amazing parents and are a great example of faith. Then we headed to my mom's for sleep. The next morning we headed to the funeral. It was extremely hard. Ben and I both went to support Grandma Geri but realized that we needed to be there for us. Ben was over come by emotions from loosing his best friend a few years ago. And of course seeing my husband in that type of turmoil broke my heart. During the funeral ben's grandfather's best friend spoke. It broke Ben's heart. So when given the chance Ben got up to speak and he talked about how he is still trying to get over the death of his best friend even almost five years later. Later that night we made it up to Oscars with Sam and Whit for dinner. Sam has a blog about finding the best burgers in Utah its pretty funny! So we ate a lot of burgers this trip! Sunday we skipped church but were able to be there for baby Rosie's baby blessing. Bryan did a great job at blessing her. We were able to see most of our family this trip so it made our next trip a lot easier.

3. This was a road trip that consisted of two trips. First after returning home on the first we cleaned up the house and started to prepare for this next trip. So on July 11 we packed up the car and cleaned the house and then got a good nights rest for the long drive back home. We made it home after 3 horrible rain storms, 2 dust storms, and at least 4 car accidents. But we got to my grandmas around 11. And luckily my cousins were there to welcome me home! We talked for a bit then crashed. Luckily our trip was so much fun! Scott and Kim drove down to see us and we got to meet Hadley Jo who we feel deeply in love with. We spent the week with family and friends. On Tuesday Ben hiked the Subway with his friends and a agent from here in Douglas. (I was training for this hike however the day before we came up my knee gave out, like bad for some reason I had to pee at 2 am and I got to the bathroom just fine then when I washed my hands I stepped down and my knee felt like that moment when you are holding to end of a stick and you bend it and it feels like it is going to snap. so we thought it best I don't hike the Subway). The final weekend we got to see Rick, Jess, Lacey, and Jack! It was great!

4. Monday morning we headed to San Diego! That was a great trip! We stayed at the Kimpton in the gas lamp quaters we walked around the shops then headed to Sea Port Village for dinner and planned out our next day! The next day we took to history and went on the USS Midway! That was amazing to be on and I have a new found place in my heart for those who have fought and are fighting. Then we took a nap on the beach and headed to go on the Seal Tours. That was pretty cool to we got to see seals and how the Navy is training seals and dolphins to help with their work. After we went back for a quick nap then to get ready for a night on the town we ate at a million differnt spots. We had 2 small appitizers at 2 different places and 1 meal at another then desserts else where then stopped in to a jazz club for some hanging out. It was a great trip. The next morning we headed out to Coronado Island for some beack time before heading to Yuma.

5. Heading to Yuma was a boring ride but the fact that Yuma is a boarder town and only 3 hours away made me want to move to Yuma ASAP! It was a nice place and we got some shut eye before heading home. And being home is great! We are finally back in a normal routine and I can't wait for our next adventure.

when I get all of the photos on the computer I will post them.

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