Monday, May 27, 2013

Weight Loss Journey

So I started and restarted this blog post. I honestly feel super embarrassed to put this out there but i know it will help me. So here we go.

Well here we go again! I am starting this journey again, and it will be my last time, I think last time was only because Ben was starting his journey and I was just going to be supportive but this go around its all me. So here is what I decided to do. I got in the wrapping band wagon. (my theory is even if it doesn't stay off it is great motivation, and yes I am willing to pay for motivation). So Monday I wrapped, and started to watch my portions, and I went on a three mile bike ride (I know that isn't long but it was a start). I also weighed and measured my stomach (not sure why but I didn't think of the rest of myself). I started to also take the ITWORKS! Greens supplement and I won't lie that stuff is amazing it tastes horrible unless with juice but I definitely can tell the difference when I use it and don't.

So I have had trial and error for all of this stuff I still love ITWORKS! Greens and I am still wrapping but I have changed so many things that I can't always keep up with it. So after all my research and changing things this is my schedule that has worked for me and what has given me the best results.

6:30 I wake up, brush my teeth, get dressed, and drink water.
7:00 I walk my girls for 20 minutes.
7:30 I eat breakfast an egg and a whole grain wheat toast with a cup of fruit
8:00 I brush my dogs and work on my daily routine (pick up my house, budget, filing, laundry, etc)
10:00 Yoga or brisk walk plus a snack
11:00 Lunch
11:30-3:00 extra errands and nap time (yes I take a nap)
3:10 make Ben's lunch and have a snack
3:30 I go to the Gym (at the gym I run at least 3 miles and then do weights for an hour)
6:00 dinner
7:00 work on church things
8:00 chores
10:30 bed

I feel like my day is completely full but I feel so good about it that I literally miss it. Everyday this changes not a lot but of course things happen. Our weekend is in the middle of the week and then normal weekends the gym has different hours. But this is what I base my day off of. I have currently lost 8 pounds and 2.5 inches around my stomach. I am not to worried about the weight as much as I am the inches. I love that I am losing.

As far as food goes I really haven't watched what I am eating other than breakfast and eating snacks. But other than that I just watch my serving sizes. But I do need to start changing my diet. I mean for me it is so hard I am seriously they pickiest eater ever!! So I am slowly working on it. But I do drink water like it is going out of business!!

My goal is to be able to hike the Subway Hike in Zion National Park in July!

Love you guys!!