Sunday, April 7, 2013


So much happened while I was home. And again I really didn't take a ton of photos I was so busy playing and seeing family that I am sure that there simply wasn't time for pictures.

My mom and I spent the whole first and second days together we got up and she had an appointment so I went to the Spendloves and saw my bestie Whitney Stephen (Spendlove) I gave her a baby gift talked for a bit about the upcoming wedding for her baby sister and I headed out the door. We spent the entire day in St. G we shopped went to Ulta got our eyebrows done ate at Paradise bakery did more shopping and went home to see my grandma. I seriously love seeing the look on my Grandma Joyce's face when i get to see her. It is the greatest. We had dinner with her, my Uncle Kent, and Uncle Larry. Great times! They crack me up!! Most of the week I spent with my mom, grandma, Uncle Kent, Uncle Larry, and Whitney. All up until Friday. I spent Friday prepping for the wedding and actually helping at the wedding. Saturday I spent watching my nieces first soccer game, taking a nap, seeing my dad, seeing Jessica, and my sister in law Jenny and her family. Sunday I skipped church (I know I am a sinner, ha ha) Ken took my mom, me, and the kids to IHOP for breakfast then to the airport to see his airplane, unfortunately he had to go and the kids were really sad but we had a good time. We went back to my moms for a movie, of course we couldn't just watch a movie we had to make a fort. After we headed to my brothers for dinner. I really miss him a lot. I know the past few years we have drifted because life gets in the way but I really miss him. Getting to actually talk with him was great. Monday I spent with my dad, and Jessica, and finally made it to meet Ian, Travis, and Ians fiance Heather. After I headed back home to see my grams before packing.

Tuesday was really hard. I said all my goodbyes but the hardest was leaving my grandma and my mom. I stayed with my grams for a few hours. I was getting ready to leave and my Grandma said "I love Ben and I love you but I just want to keep you here." I bawled my eyes out I hated to leave her. Then we headed to St.G grabbed some new g's. Grabbed some food and headed to the airport. We waited until the last minute to say goodbye literally they had to call me on the speaker thing to get me there. We hugged cried and even the TSA agents felt bad. So I headed home on a jet plane.

I did meet a pretty cool dude on my second flight. He was headed home to Tucson from London where he is living for his schooling. It was fun to talk to him about politics and the Arizonian life.

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