Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Lasts come to Arizona Day 4, 5, 6, and 7

Day 4

So my rule when I am having a staycation is that we do nothing. Other than needed shopping and needed cleaning. But I don't go out of my way to deep clean. As I think any vacation is. Well I had to teach my In Laws how to just relax read a book. So on this day I went grocery shopping and made a dinner. However Ben and Greg decided to plant a Garden. So they went to the store bought everything I picked out the "plants" and they planted it all while I made some dinner. It really was a simple day other than for Ben he wasn't sure how to just tell his Dad to sit down and not do anything but they just kept at it!

Day 5

Ok so this day we literally slept and made cookies all day. Patsy even finished a project she was working on and that was an accomplishment in itself. I finished any shopping for my Young Women and finished a book.

Day 6

This is where our trip at our house gets well funny. So Greg as normal goes on his forever long run. He gets home and I say hey lets go to Bisbee Breakfast Club. Everyone agrees. Greg and Patsy said we need at least 30 minutes to get ready. I said great. Well my sweet wonderful husband wanted to show his dad the Lowes how to videos they do and one on a garden they made. So he pulled out his iPad and started to show him. Well thirty minutes go buy and I am getting hungry so I go see how everyone is you think they had left the bed where he was showing his dad stuff? Nope. I had to hurry them along so we could eat. So while in Bisbee we grabbed some lumber so Ben could build a raised garden bed. We made it home and went to walmart to get me some seeds to plant and while we were out we decided to get some Sonoran Hot Dogs. So while we were waiting my loving father in law decided he would yet again spoil Ben and told him for his birthday he would buy him one of the tools he wanted to make all these cool things he wanted to make. Right then and there I was pretty sure Ben had planned this whole thing. (He is smart like that) So we got home and the boys hopped online to decide which of the two tools he was going to get. So my deal was that Greg could spend this money on us if Ben waited until his birthday to open it. Greg said well I will just put the slowest shipping and it should get here on his Birthday. I agreed. This is where the night ended and I went to pack for our long ride home.

Day 7

Ok so I assume many wives do this, I was so nervous leaving Ben. I had no clue why I mean he is a grown man and can handle it. I have left him home many times for my trips home but for some reason it was difficult. It didn't help that his parents were crying leaving their baby boy in Arizona not knowing what would happen to him. I can't imagine how a mother leaves a baby even for a day. But they cried so I cried. We got in the car and drove...yes drove for 10 hours. Of course we all took our turns driving but still 10 hours is a long time. But I was finally home and I got to see my mom and honestly I was the happiest I could be to see her.

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