Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Lasts come to Arizona Day 3

Ok so day three was kinda lame. Well for everyone else I loved it!! We got up and headed to the Botanical Gardens to see the butterflies!!! I love seeing them fly! We got there just as new ones hatched and we were able to help out them in the habitat!

After the boys headed to the batting cages and Patsy and I headed to H&M to shop! After we had lunch then we had to head to the airport to take Alex. He was headed home for baseball.

After we headed to Tombstone. We missed all the cool stuff so it wasn't very fun.

Then we headed to Bisbee for the Screaming Banshee pizza!!! My favorite place to eat! Next we finally made it to our house and boy was I happy to see my puppies and sleep in my bed!!

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