Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Lasts come to Arizona Day 2

So let me tell you first off I am not a go go go travel person I like to do fun thing but just relax. My father in law on the other hand had a day packed for us. We started at the Sonoran Desert Museum it was pretty cool to see the desert animals in their habitat and semi free. We spent four hours hiking around. My favorite part was the bird observation they fly around you and are pretty!! Also the hummingbird observation was the same thing it was cool one even landed in my knee!

After we headed to Old Tucson Studios where a lot of old westerns were filmed it was pretty cool but I was tired so I am sure it would have been better earlier.

After we had a small bite to eat then off the Rocks and Ropes for climbing. We live climbing!!! Seriously our favorite thing ever I wish we still lived where we could go.

Then we headed back to the hotel but some dinner and bed!!!

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