Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ummm New Year?! (long)

Why hello 2013 it is nice to meet you!! Yes I realize that it has been 2013 for 52 days, and I haven't blogged and I keep saying I will get better. And I really want to. I just hate putting my feelings out there because I like to be positive so I hate to show that I have any other emotions. But I am only human and thus I have many emotions. That isn't exactly my blog today. Today is to update and put our worries and plans out there in the world wide web, since they say in order for things to happen you have to state them so here we are!!

Ok first updates. In January we celebrated our second year away from home. I know that sounds horrible but it is a celebration, a celebration that we are able to be this far from home and be ok. Mainly for me my family is my life and I had a really hard time leaving them. So for having two years down here and not picking up and moving home is a big accomplishment. But it comes with some bad news. And here is my frustration:

Listen I have no huge problems with Obama himself. I mean he is a father, and husband, and then our president. That is fine I don't dislike him for those reason. I do however have issues with how he is running the country. I guess my main issue is our issues. The Boarder Patrol is getting cut 40% pay. Most of the agents are going to have to quit their jobs. We actually have people asking if they can come live with us. And I am fine with that it will helps everyone all around. But it is a problem for the country I mean they are going to cut Boarder Patrol agents and not the Port Agents. And I don't mean to make it sound like they aren't important but people who go through the port are more law abiding than not. The Boarder Patrol Agents stop the drugs and the people crossing into the country. I am stressed beyond belief. We will be able to live within our means but that doesn't mean that it won't be hard. I just hope they can figure this budget thing out.

So off my political soap box.

February man this month is the busiest for us. Here is how a week in the Last household goes. Monday  feed Elders and have game night. Tuesday mutual night. Wednesday Couples date night (normally we do something with a couple unless Ben works) Thursday nothing. Friday is lesson lesson planning night. Saturday our date night. Sunday church we both teach then normally a youth activity at night. Thus we are always doing something and Ben doesn't get much sleep. The reason I am saying all this is because this month I turned the big 23!!!!!! So for my birthday we kept it low key no gifts and just a movie and lunch. We are keeping it low key so we can go to San Diego for a couples vacation (if you want to come let me know, babies are welcome :)) Then Valentine day, of course I got beautiful flowers and we had a wonderful homemade dinner.

So now for our goals this year!

1. We will be out of credit card debt by the end of the year.
2. The truck will be paid off by the end of the year.
3. We will finish any house projects we have currently and save the rest of the money for big ticket items
4. We will also start a savings fund. We have a basic one but we want one for emergencies (death in the family, house repairs, car repairs, health issues, or simply if we can't make a payment.)
5. We will be spiritually better. We currently only attend church because we have to. We both want to read our scriptures, attend the temple and pray daily)

The next are my personal goals
1. As normal to get healthy I have a pretty good start I'll post on that later.
2. Stress less. I am a ball of stress, I seriously stress over everything even things that aren't important.
3. Old Fashioned Wife. I know this is strange. I agree it is strange but it is something I want to work on. I love my husband more than anything. He is my best friend and I will do anything to make him happy. I am learning now that I am older that I don't have as many domestic skills as I wish I had. I can only cook a few meals, only do simple sewing, and because I stress like no other I can't keep everything clean and handle to many thing at one time. So I want to be that "old fashioned wife" you know the one who always has a clean home, be ready every day, have food on the table for breakfast lunch and dinner. I will prep my husbands lunch for work and just be there for him. My life isnt just about me it is about us and I really need to work on that.
4. Just learn to let things go. I just want to not stress I want to just let things go and realize people do help and I can just be happy.

Now being 23. I feel old, not old like my parents but now that I am the YW president I realize I am older and need to probably act a little bit more grown up. Not that I don't but you get what I mean. I also need to think about how I am looking not that I have to look 100% but I need to look like I am 23 and not a 19 year old (I am short people call me the baby here, because I am small and married young)

So there is our life. I have been loyal to my weight loss this year so far so Ill post on that another day. Off to be with the hubbs!!

Love me!!!

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