Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

So again Christmas was as low key as it could get. I mean I didn't even get my Christmas tree up until the week before and I only got it out because the missionaries wanted to put it up. But we did have a good Christmas again we weren't able to go home although Ben was able to have the afternoon and the next two days off we still stayed here. So on Christmas eve we didn't do anything since Ben was working however Christmas day was actually a lot of fun!

Morning: Ben got home around 9:00. We made a Last traditional Christmas breakfast of Green Pancakes, Red Strawberries, Home-made Whip Cream, sausage and eggs. Although while we made breakfast the girls (dogs) always have to stay in there room. However, they so knew it was a holiday and were of course disobeying we just didn't know how bad until I saw this. Little miss Kona was hiding until the table while I got her gifts out of hiding and while we made breakfast...little sneak! So we ate breakfast and then sat down to open gifts.

I got: A new iPhone 5 (I actually got this a few weeks ago but it was suppose to count as my gift since my old phone fried and died after 4 years.) I also got a Xbox game, a new church bag, some books on reaching out to the youth, and 2 fun pair of earrings and these beauties!

Ben got: A Xbox game, Ted the movie, a Dremel Right angle, Martian Dice, Puss in Boots (his favorite movie), A book called "American Sniper", his new phone case he has been wanting, and of course his favorite gift of all the Dremel Workstaion

After presents we FaceTimed with my Grandma Joyce and all my cousins back home. Then off for a nap

Afternoon: Our whole afternoon was literally calling people. I am pretty sure it look us almost 5 hours to talk to everyone! Luckily I was able to facetime with everyone except my dad who was sick. But I got to see everyone in my family which meant a whole ton to me! We also got to see grandma's, and kids so it was almost like being with everyone.

Night: So since it was just us on Christmas we thought we would be a dinner at our house like we always do to celebrate whatever we can. However, we thought we would twist it up this year since only one of our buddies didn't work on Christmas we decided to head to Denny's (weird we know) but on Christmas our Denny's has only one waitress and normally she has to work because she needs the money. So we thought we would leave her a nice little gift. And that we did!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!

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