Friday, March 8, 2013

oh my one day this will be easy

well hello world!!! so I still haven't posted any pictures and I know I really need to. but still there aren't going to be many if any in this post.

so I just have to say how amazing my husband is. like really he is amazing. so back story then the story I want to tell. so every week Ben and I have pillow talk time. no matter what we do. we get to tell each other about our weeks if anyone did anything to make the other mad or upset. its kind of a free moment to get everything off our chest so we can start a new week. we do this because when we first got married we kind of had a lot of mini fights not like screaming and yelling but just annoyed first time living with each other fights. and a lot of our married friends were too. so we decided to have this night and to also make rules, like no matter what when we leave the house if the other is home we will say goodbye and give a hug or kiss. we said or because if we were mad for some reason then it wouldn't be so annoying. so this being sad last night Ben was leaving for work and I was doing dishes and I had my headphones in and I didn't realize he was standing next to me waiting. so I turned my head and he had his arms folded and taping his foot look at me like "helllooo" so I said what and he said "I am waiting to say goodbye since I have to go to work." I said "well why didn't you say something?" he said "you were doing dishes, and I didn't want to be rude and make you mad then I would only get a hug." but he said it in such a funny way that all I could do was laugh!!

so these rules. they really are amazing. I know I know who has rules for marriage but we have them. like we always hold hands when we pray, we have talk night, we take everything light heartedly, and we respect each others place. I know that last one sounds weird. But what we mean is we can't pull the card well I am at home all day or the oh yeah well I work all day to provide for the home you are in all day type of thing. I truly love our rules there are a lot more but I can't remember them off the top of my head because we just live them at this point.

I do worry about my husband though. a lot! this whole sequester has him sad. like really sad. I didn't realize why until we really talked about it and it is sweet why he is so sad and upset. its not because we won't have money or be able to live. because we can but itll be hard. its the fact that he can't provide the life we were getting use to. that we have gotten use to this way of life and having extra money and we had hopes up for getting a new car and trips but now those are all down the drain and he is sad he can't do those things for me. not that I am not bummed because who doesn't get excited for things. but I will survive and I was taken back on the reasoning behind it. luckily I was able to assure him that it would be ok and that we both will survive. we are over it now and just want to get to our first paycheck so we can evaluate our expenses.

in other news my diet went out the window. ok not out the window but its not as intense. hopefully when I get back from my trip it will be in full swing again!!

so that is our life as of late we finally finished a project (sorry not our bathroom...yet) so hopefully I will have a few pictures this week!!

Until then!

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  1. i really like that idea of saying what has made you upset throughout the week. sometimes you would never know otherwise. i might have to start that one :) you guys are cute.