Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Well this week has been crazy!!! I mean crazy! Since I was called to the YW in our ward Ben and I have hardly had a break to be with each other you would think one calling wouldn't be so bad but here is the thing. We have two callings I also teach Sunday School to the youth, and now Ben is working mids. And since I have  mutual on Wednesday nights I do not get to get change schedules with him like I normally would. So he works while I sleep and I am up while he sleeps. We get about 3 hours in the morning and two at night to be together. However at night I am dead from all my plans from the day and well when he gets home for those first three hours he is exhausted again we are not currently on the same wave length so last week we took a us week and were lazy. So I am finally getting around to priming and finishing so here it goes!!

Ok so first thing first, if you like to keep things cleaned please please follow this step! Cover everything up! Tiles, floors, sinks, anything that is not to have primer on it!! I thought psh lame I can just clean it, YEAH RIGHT!!! I will post on cleaning this later, but let me tell you I wish I would have covered everything.

Also make sure you have enough time and enough equipment. I realized primers would ruin everything so I bought cheap brushes, extra brushes and extra rollers. Also it doesn’t dry very fast like almost 24 hours slow! So time is the enemy. Also don’t make big plan for the same week paint get all over you!!! I am brown and I am almost white. Ok maybe not white but speckled.
What you will need:
Angled Paint brush (use cheap might as well just throw it away, maybe have three on hand)
Three or four roller brushes
A Broom stick

So this isn’t like the last post steps but more tips.

Make sure the whole room is taped and your primer mixed.

Start on a smaller wall.

Use an angled brush and edge only the wall you are priming, put a lot on the brush uses different strokes than the the roller and it just makes it look a lot better.

Now start rolling and I learned it's better to go in straight lines up and down, not the 3 foot W shaped that you normally do when painting. This is where your broomstick comes in handy (fyi if you didn’t know what I mean by a broomstick I mean go to your broom if it plastic, and twist off the broom stick it will twist into your roller brush) This will allow you to reach the top of the wall and all the way to the bottom in one stroke. After your first two lines go across them horizontally. This will blend the two lines so it is not so stripe like.

Here is coat one,

So here you can still see some coloring coming through this is when I knew I needed to do one more coat.

So here is coat two, ps my walls where so white that the lighting is horrible plus it was taken from my phone so please forgive the bad pictures.

See now it is white! Thus it will be great for painting a true color on!

Well I am going to buy some paint today along with stuff to clean up the primer I will let you know how that goes!!

Until then!

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