Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spare Bathroom Renovation

Ok so we are in the beginning process of redoing our spare/guest bathroom. Of course pinterest gave me a million ideas, however its a simple standard bathroom with nothing extremely cool in it like pinterest makes me wish I had. However I am taking advantage of owning our first house and painting and redecorating as I wish plus the no kidos factor helps with actually being able to get it all done.

Now the hard part is that we have started to paint rooms however we decided to change all the colors we have already done...ok only in two rooms so luckily I have only painted them and now am repainting. So I decided if I am going to paint I am going to do this all right...take everything off and I mean everything the toilet, the molding, the light fixtures, and such. Also whoever built my house must have been drunk the whole time because my walls aren't straight, my tile is breaking, my plastering is horrible thus I am starting in one place and fixing up as much as I can so when resale comes around (15 years or so) then they wont see all the nastyness and think I am cool. So in this series I will show my slow process and give week by week updates. Its not that I don't have a plan its just the money part I like to do things as I can so I don't waste my money on weird things such as video games, fast food, and well things I see and think I-must-have-this-or-else-I-will-just-keep-wishing-I-had-it.

Step one

 I started with a small wall I can reach with a ladder. I pulled off all of the face plates, the molding, and the door. 

Step Two

I sanded the whole wall with fine sandpaper and a sander. DO NOT PUSH ON THE SANDER, let it do the work it took a lot for me to learn this, but the sander will do the work I promise.

Note: Like I said I am only starting with one wall but because of the molding that was next to the wall and some of the molding peeled the paint off. still I only worked with the first wall so my OCD doesn't freak out then I could clean a little bit so again so I don't freak out. 

Step Three

Plaster anything that was too deep for the sander to fix I added some plaster to help smooth it out. Then again over with the sander and if needed more plastering.

Step Four

Love your little helper. This dog has to be where the action is if there is projects going on she was so excited but because I was sanding I didn't want her around the dust she was sad, plus her dad was outside building things too so she wanted to run in and out but none the less she was a good helper bringing me tools (yes she really does, only when she wants to of course, and only if they fit in her mouth or bag)

Hopefully this week we can finish the priming and then painting as well before more work gets done.

Until then see you soon!

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  1. you two are quite the handy-men! i wouldn't even know where to start on half the cool projects you guys do! ha ha. can't wait to see the finished bathroom :) keep on posting!