Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Work Bench

So since we have so many projects to do this next few months we decided we really needed to get a work bench so we can use all of our tools. Anyway we were so stoked to build this...ok lets take that back hubby was so stoked I was just happy that hubby was happy. 

We bought
8- 2x4x8
2- 4x4x8
1 4x4x1/2 ply wood

Since we didn't have a work bench we had to use our good old hand dandy monster truck. 

We cut a frame 4x2.5 feet. 

Aww happy hubby seriously it was like a little boy and mud he was so excited!

Here is the amazing frame we built an extra stud for support in the middle of the frame.

After the frame was finished we put the plywood on and cut it to size. This isn't the finished product we also used some 2x4's to make it extra sturdy, around the base.

Seriously this was a wonderful project at first I was like ugh we really don't need one but now that we have it we use it each week. Really we do! So now that we have it be prepared to see many more projects.

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