Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well since we are doing our best to get our fiances and house in order I decided we needed a general place to keep everything to keep day to day items and projects in hand. So the Last Family Binder was born. Of course I had a lot inspiration but my favorite is of course my favorite is iheartorganization because lets be honest she is amazing! Here are the contents of our binder sorry the pictures are so bad I kinda took them in the dark because my husband is sleeping days and thus the house is kinda dark so no one bugs us and wakes him.

Back to the binder. And here we go:

First I decided on what my sections would be I knew I needed there to be at least 8 because that is how many folder dividers I bought and I really didn't want them to just hang around until I figured out a place to put them. They are:

* To Do
* Financial
* Receipts
* To Scan
* To File
* Household
* Dates
* Blog

The First tab is fairly simple I have stuff in the folder that needs to be done (letters, tithing, deposits etc) every time I leave somewhere I check it and see what all I need to do.

The folder holds my deposit slips, check books, and our tithing slips and other items I need in order to do our financials. Since we are trying to get get out of debt (not that we have a ton) we are using the Dave Ramsey financial makeover plan. We are currently on the snowball effect. However, we are not making it so tight because well we want to finish this house! So We have a Financial Checklist

We simply check off each thing as it comes out of the account so that we know what was paid and when. Also have our Monthly Budget: 

The Orange section is the name of the bill the due date and the empty column is the amount due. Now in the green area I pay all the bills that are due until the next pay period during each pay period. And simply subtract it from our paycheck. Now our paycheck doesn't always reflect what is in our account thus the columns below. So we also minus everything from the bank account that it will come from to reflect what we really have in money. In the debt column I keep track of the debt we paid off each month. At the end of each paycheck any extra money from our paycheck goes directly to paying off debt. 

Receipts: In this folder I keep all of my receipts that have not come out of the accounts and stay in this folder until they have unless they are tax write offs then they stay for forever until taxes happen. 

To Scan: Ok so I have embraced the technology that we have in this day and time! Thus I went through all my files and scanned everything! I mean everything! I shredded all items unless it was a contract I keep those originals and am now a file binder system girl (more on that in another post) So each week when I get bills and such I scan them if I am really not in the mood to scan I have this folder to keep until they are ready to file.

To File: So after the scanning it goes to the TO FILE folder until I want to file...I know its not that much work but sometimes I just don't want to. 


So this holds a lot of things.

A) our cleaning checklist, I keep this because when Hubby gets boards and has an urge to clean he can see what needs to be done (psh as if that ever happens) But it is nice to know what I have done and what needs to be done. I know it looks like a lot but if I do this each week it becomes easy and simple and doesn't take anytime at all.

B) Our shopping list. Meals well we really don't eat a lot but we do at least try to have a menu. So I made this beauty. Its explains itself when you look at it. 

C) Our Week. I write down things that need to be done each day. Not the normal clean, and such, but things we need to remember. 

D) Home Projects. Iheartorganizing made this sweet printable and I love it because we always talk about things we want to do but always forget thus this amazing list.

Dates: This is simple it has every ones birthday (not image because its my family) but when I say every ones birthday I mean only our brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, and nieces and nephews. I am horrible at dates and remembering birthdays are even worse so this list will keep me going. 

Blog: This is just like the Home Projects list also from IHeartOrganizing site but for only for my blog. Because I do have ideas.

Well this will help us I hope that it will help you!


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