Thursday, August 9, 2012

Home Sweet Home (super long and lots of pics)

We are back!! We went home for two whole weeks! It was glorious! We got to see so much family it was insane! Here is how it went:

I headed home on Tuesday the 17th around 4:30. I landed and had a text from my cousin Savannah that actually was coming to town around the same time. It was funny because we had been trying to get together every time I came to town but she came either the week before or week after so when we didn't let people know then we made it work. So I spent to the next few days with my cousins and my grandma. It was a lot of fun. Ben finally got home on Friday after a long bike ride. Friday we ran around and saw some family. My grandma had been asking for him for some reason. And then we stopped to see his grandma whole informed us that both of Ben's aunts would be in town the next week. 

Saturday we headed to Draper to see our sweet nieces Hale Mae and Natalie Gwen (aka Nanny). We jumped on the tramp, read books, had pillow fights and BBQed. It was a lot of fun. The Last family reunion started the next day  but we wanted to spend as much time with these two since we hardly ever get to see them. Sunday morning we set out to see my Grandma Seegmiller. It was really hard to see her, in all honesty I couldn't hold my emotions in. She is lonely and I know she misses my grandpa more than anything. She gave me some of his shirts and I cried my eyes out. After we left her we headed to the MacDonald family household. I absolutely love this family and am so grateful for them. After that we headed to Eden to start the party!!

Monday the fun began at the lake! We rented a Sea Doo and  kayak! We spent about 8 hours at the lake and I had a little sunburn I know I know brown people don't burn but somehow Ben and I did. The next day was a pool and game day! Again like 4 hours at the pool. The next day was Wednesday and we were off to Lagoon with our cousins but not until Ben and the siblings did a HUGE bike ride...I opted out of going for this purpose...

I got to spend the whole morning with these cuties! We played in the grass, walked to see Mo the fish, and had a little concert in the wedding area, then we headed to cheer everyone on as they made it up the hill. 

After the ride Ben and Alex hurried and got themselves ready so we could head to Lagoon!!! 

Ben and Whit had to make sure I was tall enough to ride the rides...

Ok so in the back in the purple is Jordan, in the blue Brett, and of course Alex doing his best to get in the picture.

Then our favorites Whit and Sam

While at lagoon Sam did the unbelievable...he got Ben to go on Sky Coaster. Now Ben hates rides, he was super nice and went on a lot with me, he actually did them all except Wicked. But these boys did it, they rose 150 ft then dropped and screamed for their lives. It was great.

We headed back home the next day. Met up with Ian and Jordan to see The Dark Night rises. After we spent most of the night with Jordan's family before we headed home for a good nights rest.

The next day, bright and early we got all our stuff ready for Zion! I was really excited for this because I miss the mountains a lot. We also were able to go with our Best Friends Rick and Jess. We decided to hike the bottom of the Narrows up so we could get in the water for a bit. It was seriously a wonderful hike!

Don't worry it was a little deeper in some areas.

That night the boys went camping. And I headed up to Grandma Lasts house because all of Bens Aunts came to town. The next morning I tended London and Bridger and had the funnest time ever. Later that day Jess, Rick, Lacey, Ian, Ben and I headed out to the lake! It was a lot of fun and I am glad I get to spend some time with Lacey. Ben was so happy to hang out with Rick he really misses him. Afterwards I got to go see William Pitcher and his brother John, his sister Sam and her husband. It was great to see them especially since we got to spend some time together before baby came. 

Sunday was Mykey Ann's Farewell. Shay, Whit and her hubby Adam, my mom, and Ben and I were all in attendance. After we headed to the luncheon where we were able to meet up with the Shaw's. It was a happy reunion. We had a stroll down memory lane and shed a few tears. We hadn't really spent time with them since Cam passed away. But it really was so much fun. 

Monday was my day! We spent the day with Ben's Grandma Geri and did a little shopping. That night I headed to Tuachan with my mom, my mother in law, and one of my greatest friends Meg Leavitt. We saw more than half of Aladdin before we got rained out but I was still happy we were able to go. Ben hung out with her hubby Jared Leavitt. 

Tuesday was our last day home so we spent the whole day with my niece and nephew at the Washington Rec center. Then out to dinner with my dad, Terra Sue and her family, brother and his family. After we started our goodbyes. Wednesday I spent with my Grandma in the hospital while Ben headed home on his bike. I left SGU at 6:00 and landed at TUS at 8:30. Ben was suppose to stay in Phoenix but decided to come stay with me in Tucson before we headed back to real life. 

I do have to say the best part was that even when we got home we still had one whole day before Ben had to head to work we were able to clean up the house, grocery shop, play with girls and just hang out.

Well more to come! 

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  1. oh i am sad we didnt get to see you guys! glad it was so fun, i want to do that hike in Zions. looks amazing.