Saturday, December 3, 2011


I know I have been slacking. I plan to start doing better.

If you guys didn't know I went home a few months ago (its seems like years ago) I jumped on a flight I could afford to see my Grandma Joyce. She is my fathers mom, and the Grandma that lived in town. She had two strokes and we weren't sure how she was going to do. Now if you know my Grandma Joyce then you know she doesn't give up without a fight. She is a full on old school red head and has the temperament of one (nothing against you red head I am just saying she is a red personality red head :) It was wonderful to see her. As I got older my extended family slowly dropped out of my life. Only when I became apart of Ben's amazing family did I realize what I had missed out on and did my best to reach out to as much as I could salvage. Being home and spending time with my grandma was amazing! I wish I could have stayed with her longer. I learned so much from her in those days with her that I wish I could have learned long ago. I kept my trip home kind of a secret I didn't want a big deal. I didn't want to run between my mom, dad, the in laws, brothers, sisters, kids, and friends. I wanted that time with my grandma. I spent most of the day Wednesday and Thursday with my grandma. Friday I took my nephew to DQ and took some pictures. He and I are pretty close, I was ten when he came into this world and we just stayed close as the years came and went. Saturday I went shopping with my mom, picked up my adorable niece Autumn and had a play date with Meg, Jared, baby Jake, Roxanna and her adorable two kids. I was amazing how great Autumn played with the kids. After Karson, Autumn, me and Grandma Marsha had a wonderful sleep over filled with Halloween movies, crafts, pumpkins and cookies. Sunday I went to Williams house and spent the day with the and my in laws. Then a BBQ with my dad and brothers family. Monday I spent with my Grandma and LITTLE MERMAID!!! I had so much fun! Tuesday I made bread with Patsy all morning then got ready and headed to Grease with Meg Leavitt, I had so much fun with her, it is insane how many things we had in common and were able to just talk about. Wednesday I spent the whole day finishing up the things I needed to get for Ben saw Jessica and Rick. And spent the night with my grandma. Thursday at 6 am I was heading home.

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