Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Wow. This was an eventful week. But we will focus just on the spiritual side of it, as well as the special day that occurred.

We were sealed on February 12, 2016. At 1:20 in the afternoon. We weren't sure if everyone would be able to make it because the invited I sent on January 2,2016 didn't start getting to people until a few days before. So more than a month later. And most got lost in the mail. But because we planned the sealing around Ben's little brother's mission farewell, and him leaving on his mission, so all the family was in town and the friends we really wanted to be there were there. So nothing could have been more perfect.

The night before the sealing we went bowling. After we went by the temple to show Damien what and where we would be tomorrow. He was in awe of the temple and just wanted to sit and look at it all night. It brought me to tears just how much he loved it considering we had never been to one with him.

Side note. When we started to plan the temple and party my bestie Whitney Stephan told me her mom worked in the juvenile area where they get the kids ready. So we set things in motion for that. Then a few days before Kellie let me know that she would be there.

Back on track. So the day of Ben, his mission companion Scott, and Ben Hawkins went out shooting. While we all got ready and slightly stressed because the guys were running super late but as long as i was ready and Damien we would be ok. So after we were all ready Ben got home, and then he hurried and got ready. Luckily we made it on time and our witnesses made it from Idaho.

When we got there we checked in and instantly saw Kellie. Damien was ready to see her and Shayli. He was cool with us ditching us. So we went and got ready. The sealing itself was beautiful! We were so thankful to have Jim Lemmon seal us. He was our sealer for our sealing. We never thought each of us grew up knowing him but we did. So when we were told he was a sealer I was pretty excited. So when the time came for us to pick one we instantly knew we wanted him. And he was so kind to say yes with out any question.

Things I want to remember. Damien doesn't like ties. the fact he doesn't have much of a neck makes him thing they are annoying. So while Kellie was getting him ready he refused to put a tie on. So they called every man in our family to help. Finally Alex asked if he even wanted a tie. Damien said no and thus the tie was gone. Then everyone came to see the little boy getting sealed. They would ask him his name and he would mumble something, Shayli didn't understand and simply would reply its Damien. Then a cute little grandma asked him and he still mumbled it and she replied oh you are iron man. Shayli was like oh duh this makes sense. The next part has been the best. So before we went in the temple we told Damien that this is the house of the Lord. He took it as this is Jesus Christs house and he was going to meet Jesus. Of course he never told us that. So the entire time we were at the temple and Kellie was taking him around he kept looking around, finally Kellie asked what he was looking for. Damien answered "Jesus, this is his house". Well when we were doing the actual sealing, Damien was with us and right in the middle of everything Damien looks around the alter and asks "where is Jesus?" After we were all finished Ben and I went to change. Well Kellie took Damien to change. And he refused. He wouldn't do it because he hadn't seen Jesus. A lot of people tried. Finally the same sweet little grandma said "you know I think he is helping some other people right now, but he knows you are here and is so excited to you came" that is all it took and this sweet boy changed his clothes.

After we were able to get family photos to mark the day. Damien knew the whole day was for him so he was ready to play and go to the party. Tia Stout Photography was amazing to work with. I highly recommend her!

Then the party! My dad was a stress ball worrying we wouldn't have enough food or enough room. But all was well. His girlfriend planned the whole event just for Damien. And he knew it. The kids played out at the park pretty much all night and I just visited with everyone we possible could. It was a night I needed.

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special. Damien holds the temple to the highest. It is by far he best memory and he always wants to go back. Hopefully next year we will be back with one more. Until then.

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