Thursday, March 31, 2016

Vent Box

Ok so this has been weighing on my mind for awhile now and I feel the need to share it. Last week we took the opportunity to go to Phoenix zoo. After completing the zoo and waiting for the train we went back up to the splash pad so let the little run around. While there I had an interesting encounter.  While Ben ran to the restroom I sat and watched my little run and run and run. While slightly listening the conversation next to me. It was between a Mom and Dad and they happened to be talking about adoption. Something that I know so many people are grateful for. Anyway it went something like this

M: I could never adopt. I think it is a horrible choice.
D: Why do you say that
M: Can you imagine how the other kids in the family feel?
D: I don't understand
M: I mean I am sure they feel so unloved because their parents picked another child. I don't understand how a family who already has kids could do that to them.
D: Yeah I remember when blank adopted blank. The other kids were so disappointed and felt unloved.
M: Or even putting them with different races. I mean a white family with a black kid is just asking for questions.

Right then munchkin fell on the ground and bonked his head. I wasn't to worried because he wasn't crying and just stood up, kissed it better and came over to tell me. When I didn't freak out and he didn't freak out they complimented me on how well he took it. I said well yeah he wants to go back and play. They asked all the normal questions and I somehow worked into that we are foster parents prepared to adopt. They looked shocked and said oh that is cool. I said yeah both my husband and I are both adopted. They said oh wow! that is cool you all are. I said yeah it is pretty cool, we both were some of the very few in our town. They then went on to ask oh you don't look like your family? I said oh no. In my family some people don't believe my siblings and I are siblings. Let alone that my mom is my mom with her bright blue eyes. My husbands family is just as white as they come. They kind of let it die off there.

But as much as I added a lot to it just to annoy them. I was pretty peeved. I mean I know my family loves me and welcomed me fully to the family. Especially my siblings, and my cousins! There was never a oh well your not part of the family. And I hope I never made my brothers feel unloved. I know for a fact that Ben's family is so grateful for him and love him.

So it was disappointing to hear people be so arrogant towards something that doesn't directly effect them. I have never met someone who didn't think adoption was a great thing. To give a loving family a child who would maybe not have otherwise. I know as an adoptee I am beyond grateful for my family, and how it was meant to be. If you haven't heard Bens story that is just as amazing and meant to be as mine.

That is my soap box....I can't post this for awhile but I feel much better.

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