Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life is Changing in the Last Household

Life is on us full force!

It seems lately that it has been one thing after another with my family. I know sad that I say it like that but its true, my Grandma Joyce was in the hospital a few months ago. Her and my uncle then got in a car crash. They are fine now. Then my other Grandma, Grandma Millie, fell broke her hip and is still in the hospital. Came down with pneumonia, then a kidney infection, and then coma. We did witness a miracle though. We were planning to take her off life support a couple days ago. Then she woke up for a few hours. She seems to be on the upside of things. We just keep praying for her.

We have decided to buy a motorcycle. I can't believe I am letting a Yamaha in my garage. Coming from a ALL Harley family this is a new one for me. The best thing was though when the dealers would talk about the bikes and start saying stuff about Harleys, Ben would say "ha ha your treading in uncharted waters sir, my wife here loves Harley's and I am going against the family getting a different bike." They would just shut up. Its not that I don't like other bikes because they are just as good. I am a Harley girl and that is just how it is. Just like Ford vs Chevy. I pick Ford, its just a thing you do. Although Harley is American made, we are getting the Yamaha. Ben gave the Harley a chance and we almost got it. Then we looked at the Yamaha and he was much more excited so I gave in. We needed to get a bike since I am going back to school!

School, ugh I am so nervous!! Dixie was different I was a party going new friend looking girl. Now I am the 21 year old married women who wants to go back to school because I need that associate degree. 21 and married is the weirdest thing here. I know I am crazy honestly who gets married at 19 and knows she is in thats who. Ya I am cool! But I am excited as well, it will be nice to be doing something different!

I have a few projects underway but nothing more until after Halloween!

Hope you guys have a great one!!

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