Friday, October 21, 2011

My View

I don't want to get all religious here but have you ever really sat and thought about what you believe. I have lately. One of my best friends William lost one of his best friend. I did know Sam but when I say I know Sam I knew Sam in high school. He is one of the first people I told I was getting married, and then a lot of skipping school back in the day. But William has always always been there for me. And I have been there for him. Even his family is apart of me. I was lucky enough to see them when I was home and it made me miss them dearly. Also today a new fried that I just met two nights ago lost her unborn baby. I myself can only pray for her, and for Sam's family. Death to me isn't a new thing. In the past four years I have lost seven close people to me, and had three close calls. Unfortunately death doesn't get easy nor does it come at a time when you want it to. I always seem to find so much peace in the fact that we will all be together someday, it seems to make me strong enough to try to be there for the other people.  Maybe its just the normal God has a plan and with every thing that seems hard it is just a test but its all part of a bigger picture. This has just been on my mind today.

Love me!

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