Saturday, October 15, 2011


Well I guess the road back to school starts with the acceptance letter I received. Not that its to hard to get in to Cochise College. Its much like Dixie basically if your from around here you go to that school. But to me its not just the fact that I got accepted. But the fact that I am really going back to school I have talked about it and thought about it. But the decision of what to do for the rest of my life is a very hard decision. I have been thinking about this for years and now I have made the first step. However it comes with many things that need to happen. We have to buy another way of transportation. So we decided to buy a motorcycle. Lucky for me the only dealership anywhere in driving range that is less than an hour away is Harley Davidson. Ben is looking into a Sportster I833. Its sole use is to get Ben to work and our date nights basically only around town stuff. No long rides. Ben and I are little people so a bike of that size for just around town will be perfect. We are also looking at a Honda the only thing is we have to go all the way to Tucson to get it and its not meant for long drives so its still a debate we will have a bike by Christmas though. I start school in January.

Yay for school!

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