Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Coming Home

I am coming home. Or I guess at this time heading home. I won't lie I am scared, nervous, but excited. Going home will be nice. The divorce will be more real to me than it has been for awhile. I have come to peace with it. Mentally. The only thing is I haven't been home for the physical change. And I am scared of the emotions I will feel when I get home. My parents have been wonderful and understand how hard it is.

The only reason I am really going home is to see my Grandma Joyce. She is in the hospital. She had two strokes.  I know my Grandma is a fighter. And she will make her mark before she goes. She wont be going anytime soon, but she wont be getting better either. I want to go home while she will remember me.

Ben knows I need to go home for this and is willing to let me go without him. I do get to see my cute adorable niece Autumn that I haven't seen since last time I was home and Karson my best little buddy ever! I am so excited.

Also Ben made a deal with me I can spend what I like as long as he gets to spend the same amount on what he would like. I am pretty stoked about spending what I would like. I also get to see both Tuachan shows. :)

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