Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3 Sick Weeks

Lets see how this worked out.

Week one: It all started with the fact that I couldn't sleep. At all I couldn't relax I couldn't keep focus and I was weak. Then I started to get stomach pain. Like bad stomach pain. I have Vanwillibrand disease thus I can only take Tylenol for a pain killer. Which we all know it doesn't really work. So I took a sleeping pill by day four I was a big grump and in a lot of pain. Finally a week pasted and I finally got some sleep.

Week two: I was still having stomach pain but I was finally sleeping Ben thought I was on the down hill of the sickness I was feeling. However, Ben got the head flu. I was in pain and well Ben, needed some TLC ok a lot of TLC, but we were sick. Since it was mid week we decided that if the weekend came and we both still felt like crap we were going to go to the doctor. Well the weekend came I was finally eating and Ben was able to breathe.

Week three: I get the head cold. I was so mad I had finally gotten better and there it was again. I had a headache, stuffy nose, couldn't breathe. I wanted to die. Seriously.

Finally at the beginning at week four I got better. I will never be sick again. EVER.

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