Saturday, March 24, 2012

Life as I know it... about to change. Why you ask. Well its simple it spring and I am dying to finish our house and stop wasting money and such. I have a million started projects but have yet to fully complete any of them. I mean most of them are to the point where I don't need to finish it can stay they way they are and just kinda be there but there is more to it. So I decided to just do it. Starting with my office. Its my room. We have a 4 bedroom house and well with two of us there really is A LOT of space so we figured we can't get to much done unless we have a office in tact where we can keep items have systems and what not and since I am the most organized person in our relationship I get the pleasure of making it my own so this is where my story begins.

About 9 months ago I painted the office room and beautiful yellow. (I will post pictures soon I swear by it!) But that is kind of all the happened. It started to really bug me I didn't have my desk because well I wanted to repaint it so I started it them stopped it was semi organized but not to where I want it to be. So the plan goes like this finish painting then organize my room to completeness. After I will then decorate it. But I want to do that last I want this room to be so organized that you can walk in and find everything without asking questions.Here is the long list.
* Paint closet chevron style
* electronically file all files (scan and save to external hard dive in case of fire)
* Binder file all papers files that need to be saved
* shred papers not needed
* Organized fabric
* Find places or get rid of misc. Pile
* Send/Mail Items that need to be shipped
* Clean carpets
* window blinds
* Finish Desk
* Hang new Shelf for Binders
* Create Manual Binder
* Our Will/Emergency Office Docs

** UPDATE!! I should be done with everything this next week. Hubby and I got super sick so dogs and I just lay in bed while Hubby is gone and when he is home I do my best to take care of him.

We had a rough start to this year and we finally decided that now we are back out of minor debt (excluding house and car) we are going to finish this house we keep spending money on things (ie xbox, etc) and we keep saying we are going to do these things and we dont. So we are as of now. Hopefully in the next week or two this will all be done and I can check one room off my list until I decorate.

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