Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Healthy Me

I know I know I do the talk but I don't do the walk. This going Healthy thing has been really hard. Ben and I have discovered a lot of emotions I have been holding in and putting into other things but not actually focus on the emotions I have had. So my activity level went from a high ten to a low 1. I finally got off my bum the other night and walked for about 2 hours on the treadmill. Yes that is a long time but considering it was 3:00 AM it was the only option. So I am now really going to make the change. I only have ten pounds I want to loose and then its all toning up from there. The fact that my mother is now the same size as me is kind of my motivation. But I know there will be a lot of emotions that come out with this and I am mentally hoping I am prepared for them.

Ben and I decided we will start slowly. Walking everyday for at least 30 minutes to and hour. We start with a healthy breakfast and we are drinking 8 glasses of water a day. This is phase one. Phase two will add a healthy lunch and walking into running or other workouts and eventually we will be use to working out and eating healthy that our bodies will feel better. Just little by little going cold turkey is horrible for us.

So I will get healthy just not as fast as I really want to but I know I need to stick with it. Unfortunately I am the pickiest eater alive and well ya I am screwed.

I told Ben I want to rock a awesome bikini, be a little more active, hopefully get my knee surgery done, and get us to Mexico City before we have children. Ben and I said when we get a house and settled down we will start to talk about the goals we want before kids.So these are the goals more are mine Ben only wants to get to Mexico. So we start our goal journey now and then hopefully we can reach these goals in the next 2.5 years so that at five years we can start this child having thing that we keep hearing so much about lately.

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